Vietnamese Language Course

Vietnamese Language Course


VEB Center specializes in online teaching the Vietnamese language and culture to students from all around the world. We take pride in having successfully trained thousands of students and partnered with multiple organizations and businesses for the past three decades. Our success is owed to our belief in the continuous investment in the quality of our teaching methodology and course curricula.


Teaching Methodology

We value practical and effective results. Therefore, our teachers always work to:

Construct lessons based on the student’s learning style, learning progress, and specific needs.
Create an interactive learning environment consisting of practices, simulations, scenarios role-playing activities that mirror real-life situations.
Present an accurate image of Vietnamese, its people, and culture and provide students with the necessary information to see and venture into Vietnam with a more refined and knowledgeable perspective and to explore endless possibilities and opportunities in their personal, academic, and career paths.

To provide constructive, personalized, and achievable Vietnamese language and cultural programs which produce real and meaningful results.
To establish and grow a welcoming and progressive community to bridge cultural gaps and enhance our students’ cultural experience and appreciation.
To define professional standards and provide quality training to our staff and teachers.

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